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Sketchboard Pro for iPad
Sketchboard Pro for iPad
Sketchboard Pro for iPad
Sketchboard Pro for iPad
Sketchboard Pro for iPad
Sketchboard Pro for iPad
Sketchboard Pro for iPad
Sketchboard Pro for iPad

Sketchboard Pro for iPad

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Featured in WIRED, Esquire, TechCrunch, AppleInsider, Business Insider, and Fast Company as a “Best iPad Accessory!”

Feel better and draw better with the Sketchboard Pro, an award-winning iPad stand designed for artists by artists!

Sketchboard Pro enables you to create an artist workstation virtually anywhere. The familiar form of the Sketchboard Pro keeps you focused on your projects allowing you to get more work done with less distraction and free of pain typically felt from hours of tablet drawing.

We plant a tree for every Sketchboard Pro sold. Thanks to our partnership with Ecologi, we are committed to reforestation and reducing our carbon footprint. 


    - Flat, smooth drawing surface all around iPad transforms the iPad into a sheet of paper*

    - Fold-out legs create a comfortable 20-degree incline

    - Stands in landscape, portrait orientation, and vertically like an easel

    - Charge while you draw with a port for your charging cable

    - Magnetic cradle to keep your iPad safely locked in place (in 2018+ iPad Pro models and iPad Air 4th+ Gen)

    - Fully upgradeable centerpiece for when you change iPad sizes

    - Support for over 36 models of iPad

    - Measures 50 x 43 cm

    - Weight 2 kg

    - Some assembly may be required for 10.9-inch iPad (2022) units 



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